…And Now A Follow Up

With my rage out of the way with how shitty things are going on, I come to the idea that in this day and age it’s rare that people ever say please and thank you anymore. I don’t believe everyone deserves it, given how little some people work to make a difference or even the bare-minimum effort anymore, but there are those who do that or more and never get recognition.

I hate to not give the names, but my ultimate fear is forgetting someone, but I will say that to some and many of you have done so much to make me feel like a better person. Given me the aspiration to always improve and to even reach out to new people, build networks and encourage each other to work hard. Some of you have personally made sure I didn’t slip into the darkness, always checking in to ask how I’m doing. Some even gave me their time to do something together, like play a game, draw together, have a cool chat, share life events and so on. Some have been out there constantly supporting me and giving a great word out about me that I only hope I can repay you for in time. Many have given me work that has sustained me as long as I have been consistent and many have been patient in the times I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. Some just made sure to give my work a like and comment, which you have no idea how much that fixes my day; even criticism of my work makes me feel better, to see someone expand thought and/or wisdom on my work.

I hate being this small guy with only the power to draw and ramble, if I had godlike powers I would make each one of you kings and queens of your own kingdoms! My world has changed so much with all you’ve done… I only wish to catch up on what I owe, promise and inspired to give in return.

You are all incredible!


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I am a character designer, storyboard artist, comic illustrator, and writer

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