Moving to California

I’ve been dying for the day I got to announce this. So much has been holding me back, good plans fall beneath me, and worries of not having a good plan. But I have been so blessed to have good friends, plenty of work, that I am still getting through so expect your commissions soon, and I have my confidence to say I am finally going to be in California.

More or less for security reasons I can’t tell the world here when, but that I know and can say it is happening. I am hoping to finally have a job and/or part of the animation industry, and be as close to friends and professionals; be where the art scene is. With this I am granted all the time I need to focus on my art, build a portfolio, finish commissions, and more or less finally get around to some projects I have put off for too long.

I am just in the happiest place right now, and it goes with thanks to all who have supported me, gave me work and those who have arranged for this to all be possible… Now I gotta work like crazy!


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I am a character designer, storyboard artist, comic illustrator, and writer

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