Batman: The Killing Joke review

Sorry that this one is short

The Killing Joke was a one shot, credibly dark comic that more or less gave a short yet fulfilling story. Standing as one of the most popular and beloved stories of Batman ever made. The one thing that would be a problem is how short and in my opinion, a small story, which best would fit in a short film… I had my mind set on wondering how big they could make the story fora feature length, but they more or less just slabbed filler in it that many claim was a tact on trying to be politically fair; the result was uncomfortable and triggered more flame wars.

kind of like Ratchet & Clank’s movie, it’s not great, it’s not memorable and misses a giant mark on what could be done, but I don’t hate it. The least I would want from this is DC Comics and WB interested in making a few or one more adult/R-rated animated feature; I just expect the R to be deserving and the story to be a little smarter.

You know what’s the real tragedy? I believe it was The Killing Joke where Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy said they would reprise their roles as Joker and Batman for the final time… what an underwhelming note to end on. Like Sean Connery retiring after doing League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen… another property by Alan Moore…

score- 6/10

-In summary, I really don’t have that much enthusiasm to tell people to see it and fighting to not say “don’t see it”. It’s true to it’s material at the least, but under delivers on a full length adaptation. Hopefully it serves as something to encourage adult/mature R-rated animated features, especially for a full theatrical release; made $3M on it’s limited release alone


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