The Ocean (Santa Monica)

First time I’ve seen the ocean since I was 10 years old​… One of the most inspiring views on my visit to LA so far.

Lived between mountains my whole life, walls that limited the eye’s reach of a horizon and my minds idea of beyond. Once I’ve seen the sea for the first time in years I feel a sense of freedom, the imagination of how far other shores are, the smell of salty, cool air, and looking behind me to how far I’ve traveled to be here and all the other people who came here and are experienced the same thing.

I bitch about the people who bitch about how small the world is, how “overpopulated” the world is, and those people who’ve bitched that there is nothing more to the world… What I gave to be here will not be as missed as all I’ve seen here in California, all whom I have encountered, the teachings and wisdoms I was given, and the gratitude I have to the friends who gave me this opportunity to be here for it all.

I will be coming back for this place. I will come to miss the Wasatch Front, the small cities, the mosquito bites, and all those who raised me and cared for me while I will grow to call this place my home…

There is no such thing as seeing it all, there are no limited horizons, and there are not enough people to meet. And so many people I know need to see this place for themselves.


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I am a character designer, storyboard artist, comic illustrator, and writer

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