Tundra (Orcs Must Die! Unchained) fan art Birthday piece, and me mixing up birth dates

(this is going to be a nightmare to see and final post, posting it from my cell phone)

So originally I had believed I made a error in making a piece of art for a friends birthday. With the termination and I pushed myself to finish his birthday too and I thought originally was a day late… turns out I was a whole week early… And I have to apologize to her friend for missing their’s.

But at least I got myself a watercolor peas done in what feels like an eternity. And the best part is I got it done so I can mail it to them to arrive on their birthday instead. Just living in the irony of getting their birthday wrong and feel like a dumbass, but honestly not the worst thing to screw up.

Oh and the character is Tundra, an anthropomorphic polar bear wielding ice magic to help fight against the horde of orcs in an awesome MMOBA called Orcs Must Die! Unchained (I highly recommend friends check it out, and play sometime)


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I am a character designer, storyboard artist, comic illustrator, and writer

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