Hazel in social swimwear, and another thing

Frankly I criticize myself for never doing enough pin up art these days. I drew up a cheesecake pose, and considering What was appropriate for general view for each social site, I themed swimsuits to cover up for appropriate appeal (in a perfect world, nudity would be a chill an accepted thing. But until then, good folk are gonna have to work for it, lol)

White maillot for me, I find them more sexy in hard to sell reasons, but I have to defend myself on Tumblr’s piece on it being an attempt to satirise what is acceptable on Tumblr… Frankly, they get away with “more” on there… And hard to satirize when the audience’s blood is rushing (don’t deny it)

Last and frankly more relevant to me, I may redo this concept in the future; better pose and more extensive variety and wit

This one was made for me
For Facebook
For Instagram
For twitter
For Tumblr (those kinksters)


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I am a character designer, storyboard artist, comic illustrator, and writer

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