Captain Chum

There once was a Welsh Corgi named Chum, who was raised on a pirate ship by one of the most notorious but truly good pirate captains; everything Chum knows about running a ship and crew he learned from his Captain. But  one day treachery was brought aboard the ship and was set to sink, the captain made his last order to his men to take care of Chum as the whole crew watched from among the row boats as their ship sank.

Years later and left alone, a poor, broken Chum dreams of the days when he was with his Captain. Weak in spirit and nearly lost all hope, it was one fateful day that on the docks, a shipment came in carrying in a familiar scent… the same smell of his Captain. Chum learned in that moment to never lose hope and do everything he can to put together a ship and crew, and set sail to find his Captain.

Will he find his Captain, who will he meet, what awaits for him on that sea?

A personal series in development

Promotional Art

Welsh Whopper rendering 72dpi

(More work and art coming soon)