Bojack Horseman (Warm Up)

Bojack (watermarked 72dpi).png

Got to use a client’s iPad Pro and Pencil, and did this to get a full feel of the device… and holy crap, was drawing on it amazing. Also fun to draw Bojack Horseman for the first time in the last 3 years, and now considering I should do some fan art pieces


Broken point

I have to admit, going online is becoming a depressing place to be. It’s not that I want to ask others to be positive or fix their emotional state, people need to express how they feel, but I have to admit it’s starting to grind down on my emotional state- I’m an off an on depressed individual, and I usually try to go online to find something to emotionally fix my day. But lately, the internet has just become a source of depression now.
I’m at that point where I don’t even want to turn my computer on. Where it’s stated, “the internet is a gateway to distraction, but we have to work with it”, the internet has become my gateway to depression… but I have to work with it.
I wish I can just turn away from the internet for a month and just hang out with friends- do some art together, have some conversations, be in the same room to play a game again. I have become nostalgic for the time before I had the internet! Kills me my only interaction these days are with people on facebook or twitter, and that’s if they too are even around to talk, and my art streams just become an open window to people throwing rocks at me; or at least one guy out of 3 who even attend anymore.
I’ve officially snapped! I am tired of using the internet for a while!! Until something good, happy, funny, inspirational or even important happens again (for God Sake), I am going to take a time out to focus on the few things that matter to me anymore.

[Mirror] We’re Suing & We Need Your Help ~ #WTFU

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Santa Monica Mermaids

santa monica mermaids001 (edit 72dpi)Ballpoint pen doodle from the page of my Sketchbook. Started the pre-sketch, which are usually just shapes, back when I was in Primm last Wednesday. just been working on it slowly overtime as my project, and when my friend took me to see Santa Monica Beach and Pier I was inspired.

The first intention was to make a joke about the mermaids taking a selfie with a cruise ship behind them, where all the passengers are then turning their backs to take a selfie. But seeing the ocean for the first time in 13 years, I knew I wanted to draw this with that place in mind. Funny enough I was working on this piece when we were on the Santa Monica Pier, and happy to see visitors see me drawing them and loving them; something about California makes people really appreciate artists and for artists to appreciate being artists… I want to move there now! This November!!

gonna work hard, build up my portfolio, apply for jobs, and even if I am just working a small position at a store, restaurant or delivery service, I want to be out there and stay out there!

also, rich guy dream is to open up a hotel on the beach side there, have a penthouse on the top as my headquarters for all my creativity. And be able to use the hotel to help friends, family and other aspiring artists to visit and experience the LA area for themselves… Everyone needs to see that city, and no one should live their lives never once seeing the ocean

The Ocean (Santa Monica)

First time I’ve seen the ocean since I was 10 years old​… One of the most inspiring views on my visit to LA so far.

Lived between mountains my whole life, walls that limited the eye’s reach of a horizon and my minds idea of beyond. Once I’ve seen the sea for the first time in years I feel a sense of freedom, the imagination of how far other shores are, the smell of salty, cool air, and looking behind me to how far I’ve traveled to be here and all the other people who came here and are experienced the same thing.

I bitch about the people who bitch about how small the world is, how “overpopulated” the world is, and those people who’ve bitched that there is nothing more to the world… What I gave to be here will not be as missed as all I’ve seen here in California, all whom I have encountered, the teachings and wisdoms I was given, and the gratitude I have to the friends who gave me this opportunity to be here for it all.

I will be coming back for this place. I will come to miss the Wasatch Front, the small cities, the mosquito bites, and all those who raised me and cared for me while I will grow to call this place my home…

There is no such thing as seeing it all, there are no limited horizons, and there are not enough people to meet. And so many people I know need to see this place for themselves.

Batman: The Killing Joke review

Sorry that this one is short

The Killing Joke was a one shot, credibly dark comic that more or less gave a short yet fulfilling story. Standing as one of the most popular and beloved stories of Batman ever made. The one thing that would be a problem is how short and in my opinion, a small story, which best would fit in a short film… I had my mind set on wondering how big they could make the story fora feature length, but they more or less just slabbed filler in it that many claim was a tact on trying to be politically fair; the result was uncomfortable and triggered more flame wars.

kind of like Ratchet & Clank’s movie, it’s not great, it’s not memorable and misses a giant mark on what could be done, but I don’t hate it. The least I would want from this is DC Comics and WB interested in making a few or one more adult/R-rated animated feature; I just expect the R to be deserving and the story to be a little smarter.

You know what’s the real tragedy? I believe it was The Killing Joke where Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy said they would reprise their roles as Joker and Batman for the final time… what an underwhelming note to end on. Like Sean Connery retiring after doing League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen… another property by Alan Moore…

score- 6/10

-In summary, I really don’t have that much enthusiasm to tell people to see it and fighting to not say “don’t see it”. It’s true to it’s material at the least, but under delivers on a full length adaptation. Hopefully it serves as something to encourage adult/mature R-rated animated features, especially for a full theatrical release; made $3M on it’s limited release alone

Selling art

I’ve got less than a week to get all the money together for a planned move and all plans for money are failing on me; I’m hoping to sell my physical artwork so I can make it out on my own.

If you are interested in some art, take a look, if you have any other art work you might want from me, send a message here telling me which one(s) you’d be interested in. It also helps to just share and link this post, so please do that.

Toriel-Loreal spoof (original piece)
Toriel -Loreal spoof ($120)


The Welsh Whopper (original piece)
The Welsh Whopper ($200)