Help Pay Bills For Cancer Treatment

“Join in this fundraiser to help comic book artist Sal Velluto with his medical bills following surgery for cancer.

Sal is a Utah artist who has worked on Captain America, Black Panther, Silver Surfer, Justice League, The Phantom, and many other comic book icons for major publishers in his career spanning over 30 years.

Sal  has been influential to so many people. Artists who look upon his works, to readers who read the Phantom and Black Panter.  He is truly a master in his field.

Lets give back to him what he has been giving to us, and help raise the money he needs to pay his  considerable medical bills.”


Starting fresh, WIP Mercorgi

I have been an established artist for years now, but with this new WordPress page I think I will just start posting the new projects… Starting fresh, as my title says. Also a Mercorgi

currently finish up this piece for a t shirt I had intended to finish back in May, just ended up getting caught up in a storm of life troubles. Likely going to say more about it once it’s finished though.